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A New Perspective

Tim Sutton is a law enforcement veteran and founder of A Better Understanding LLC, which raises awareness of special populations. He hosts the podcast "A New Perspective" to educate on the abilities of those with disabilities.

About Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton is a highly experienced law enforcement officer with 33 years of service. He has held various positions, including patrolman, street crimes investigator, and patrol sergeant, and has implemented a successful Project Lifesaver program to address the issue of individuals with cognitive impairment wandering or eloping. In 2011, he founded A Better Understanding LLC to raise awareness about special populations and has traveled the country as a subject matter expert on topics such as Alzheimer's Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Tim also hosts a podcast, A New Perspective, to educate and inform viewers on the abilities of those with disabilities. He is currently working on a non-profit organization, A Better Understanding, to provide community events and support for those with different abilities. Tim is a proud father of three adult children and resides in Central Virginia.

A New Perspective

Join Tim Sutton, a 33-year veteran Law Enforcement Officer and founder of A Better Understanding LLC, on his new podcast 'A New Perspective'. In this show, Tim brings attention to the Disability Community and highlights the amazing abilities of those with disabilities. With his expertise in Alzheimer's Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, and Developmental Disabilities, Tim educates, informs, and entertains viewers on these important topics. Tim's goal is to bring a better understanding of these special populations and recognize their contributions to society. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a new perspective and support those in the Disability Community. Tune in to 'A New Perspective' today!

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